Blue Aadhar Card 2024: What is the process of making it, is it different from white Aadhar card?

Blue Aadhar Card 2024

Blue Aadhar Card 2024 also known as Bal Aadhar Card, is a special identity document created for children. It is different from the standard Aadhaar card issued to adults. The blue Aadhaar card offers a variety of benefits to suit their needs, ensuring seamless access to various services. Below is a comprehensive guide on its registration process, online application and eligibility criteria: 

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    Blue Aadhar Card Overview:

    What is it?A specialized identification document for children.
    Access to governmental and non-governmental services, simplification of educational and healthcare enrollment, subsidies, scholarships.
    Registration ProcessVisit Aadhar Enrollment Center, fill form, submit necessary documents, undergo biometric authentication, receive Aadhar number.
    Online ApplicationVisit UIDAI official website, fill details, upload documents, verify, receive Aadhar card.
    Post Office ServicesVisit designated post offices, complete registration process.
    Age LimitTypically up to 5 years, subject to government regulations.

    What is the Blue Aadhar Card?

    Blue Aadhar Card also known as Bal Aadhar Card is a unique identity card issued especially for children. It serves as an important document to establish their identity and access various government and non-government services.

    Benefits of Blue Aadhar Card:

    1. Enables children to avail of governmental schemes and benefits.
    2. Simplifies the process of enrollment in educational institutions.
    3. Facilitates access to healthcare services and insurance schemes.
    4. Helps in availing subsidies and scholarships.
    5. Acts as a valid proof of identity for various purposes.

    Registration Guide:

    To register for the Blue Aadhar Card, follow these steps:

    • Visit the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center with the necessary documents.
    • Fill out the Aadhar Enrollment Form accurately, providing all required details.
    • Submit the form along with supporting documents such as birth certificate, proof of address, and parents’ Aadhar cards.
    • Undergo biometric authentication (if applicable) and provide fingerprints, iris scan, and photograph.
    • Upon successful enrollment, a unique Aadhar number will be generated and communicated via SMS or email.

    How to Apply Online:

    1. Visit the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
    2. Navigate to the “Online Services” section and select “Aadhar for Children.”
    3. Fill out the online application form with accurate details.
    4. Upload scanned copies of necessary documents such as birth certificate, proof of address, and parents’ Aadhar cards.
    5. Verify the details entered and submit the application.
    6. Upon successful verification, the Blue Aadhar Card will be dispatched to the registered address.

    Post Office Services:

    Alternatively, applicants can visit designated post offices for Blue Aadhar Card enrollment. Trained personnel at these post offices assist in the registration process, ensuring a smooth experience for applicants.

    Age Limit:

    The Blue Aadhar Card is typically issued for children below a certain age limit, usually up to 5 years. However, this age limit may vary depending on government regulations and policies.

    In conclusion, the Blue Aadhar Card is a valuable identification document tailored to the needs of children, offering a multitude of benefits and simplifying access to essential services. Whether through online application, enrollment centers, or designated post offices, obtaining the Blue Aadhar Card is a straightforward process, ensuring that children have access to their entitled rights and services.

    Enrolling Children

    How will children be captured in the database?_

    For children below 5 years no biometrics will be captured. Their UID be processed on the basis of demographic information and facial photograph linked with the UID of their parents. These children will need to update their biometrics of ten fingers, iris and facial photograph, when they turn 5 and 15. Intimation to this effect will be mentioned in the original Aadhaar letter.

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