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Swarved Yatra
Swarved Yatra: On the occasion of the Indian New Year in Nodhi village of Khunti, a Swarved Yatra was organized by Vihangam Yoga.

On the date 09.04.2024, under the Indian calendar of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, marking the auspicious occasion of the New Year, Sadafalabda 136, Vikram Samvat 2081, April 9, 2024, Tuesday, a special pilgrimage was organized in the village of Nodhi in Adki Block to celebrate the Indian New Year. The pilgrimage, known as Swarved Yatra, commenced from the precincts of the Radha Rani Temple. Hundreds of devotees, both men and women, participated in the Swarved Yatra. Carrying the sacred scripture Swarved on their foreheads, devotees traversed through the entire town. Led by Gurubhais and Gurubhans carrying white flags, the procession moved forward in an orderly manner. People enthusiastically joined the procession. The glory of the procession echoed with chants of victory for the True Guru:

vihangam yogee karen pukaar ! adhyaatm moorti ho taiyaar !!

vihangam yogee karen pukaar ! sadguru moorti ho taiyaar !!

sankalp divy nibhaayenge ! ham moorti bhavy banaayenge !!

The echoes resonated. The procession concluded with Aarti and peaceful chants. To ensure the success of the program, the presence of key members including the advisor of the All India Vihangam Yoga Sant Samaj, Shri Birsu Singh; Coordinator Shri Laganu Pradhan; Co-coordinator Shri Bhonj Nag; Co-coordinator Shri Pankaj Jayaswal; Supervisor Shri Vishwanath Pramanik; Preacher Shri Aditya Seth; Preacher Shri Sujit Ku. Gupta; Maternal Strength Shrimati Bernadette Tooty; Shrimati Neera Hasa; Shrimati Surwala Devi.

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